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So here we are. A new year. We made it through 2020. Hopefully, this new year will be kind to us. I do not think anyone who is alive today has ever experienced a test of faith like we did in the past year. And you can forget about going back to normal. ¡¿What is that?!  

We live in a country where our freedom is at the top of our list. People come here from other countries just to experience our democracy. To have our freedom limited for even an ounce can drive us over the edge. So, how do we survive these adjustments that are happening at such a rapid pace?

This year, I will not be doing any diet resolutions or making a list of my new dating rules. Instead ¡I am making some agreements!

I turn to the Ancient Toltec Wisdom for guidance, “The Four Agreements”, written by Don Miguel Ruiz. He is a spiritual teacher who gives us a roadmap to enlightenment and freedom (mental freedom). It is not easy living with restrictions, but the best way to escape is to focus on what really matters:

 · Be Impeccable with your words. You know the old saying, “think before you talk”. Do not be so quick to respond to a comment or question. Give yourself a few minutes to process the information. Words can be more damaging than a physical injury. Think about how impactful your words are going to be to the person you are speaking to. Always use positive words infused with love. Words carry energy. And you attract that energy to you.

 · Do not Take Anything Personally. Everyone walking this earth is on his own journey, learning lessons. Those lessons shape how an individual views the world. So, what others say or do is a reflection of where they are at in their life. And none of it has nothing to do with you. Yes, this is challenging, especially when you have someone directing their frustrations out on you, but just ¡let it go!

 · Do not Make Assumptions. The worst thing we do is make up a story in our head based on what another person tells us, instead of having a direct conversation with the actual person. So many things can be fixed by communicating and asking direct questions.

 · ¡Always Do Your Best! -Remember that we are all on our own journey, learning at different times. What one person views as his best, another might perceive it as not worth trying at all. Stay away from those self-imposing limited beliefs and ignore people’s opinions about your efforts. Focus on doing YOUR best and walking in integrity.

It is not an easy task to change what we have learned all along our lives. But as soon as we decide to rely on our own inner guidance, ¡magical things can happen!


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