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You may be one of the families that is owed Child Tax Credit money from the government. Act by November 15th to get the money you are owed by filing at GetCTC.org!

The White House estimates that at least 9 million families are owed money from the 2021 enhanced Child Tax Credit.

This is because most families were eligible for up to $3600 for any child between 1-5, or $3,000 for children 6-17, as long of those children were:

Living in their households in 2021 and the children had Social Security Numbers. 

But many families have not gotten everything they are owed.  Some families may have received some monthly cash payments (typically $250 — $300 per child) in 2021 due to the enhanced Child Tax Credit, but then they are owed more.  Those money payments were only half of what the families were owed; and many did not realize they had to file a 2021 tax return to get the remaining half of the money. Many other families missed out who do not normally need to file a tax return. 

If this is you, it’s not too late, but you need to act fast.  Most tax filing agencies are closed for the seasons, but families with little or no income can use a simple, website: GetCTC.org to claim missing Child Tax Credit payments, missing third stimulus payments, or in some cases, Earned Income Tax Credit payments, but they have to use it by November 15, 2022.

This simple web tool is safe.  It is available in English and Spanish, and you don’t need to have any tax documents to use it.  It takes most people 15 minutes to use the form.

Things to know:

Even parents or caregivers who don’t work, and don’t have to file a tax return, must file a tax return to get enhanced Child Tax Credit payments.

This money will not affect other public benefits (like SSI, SNAP or TANF).

And all children with SSN’s are eligible for this money; parents who have ITINs can claim it. Want to read more? https://www.whitehouse.gov/child-tax-credit/


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