Foto cortesía Elijah Jiovanni Rodriguez.

Hi! My name is Elijah Jiovanni Rodriguez. I am 18 years old, and I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am Puerto Rican, and my hobbies are playing basketball and baseball, listening to music, and playing video games. My favorite basketball team is the Philadelphia 76ers, and my favorite song to listen to is “Numb” by Linkin Park.  My favorite video game to play is Need For Speed. I am currently a Senior in High School. I started attending Esperanza Cyber Charter School (ECCS) right after middle school. The way I ended up in ECCS was because my mom said it was the best thing for me to do, and my experience at ECCS has been good, although I thought I was not going to like it at first because I never attended a cyber school before. My challenges were keeping up with my work in school and trying to get good grades. My first accomplishment that motivated me to work hard is that I made it into my 8th grade baseball team. My second accomplishment is that I got accepted to my dream school which is called Automotive Training Center. My family is good, they are the ones who made me the person I am today.

Five years from now, I will be almost 24 years old. I will already have graduated from Automotive Training Center, and the things I will have accomplished will be that I worked at a car dealership and opened up my own car shop. I will be living by myself in a two-bedroom apartment, and all my family members will be on their own living in their own houses. I will be working in my car shop, washing cars, installing window tint, and fixing the engines.  I will be proud of finishing my goals and making new ones for myself. The things that I still have on my bucket list are getting my two dream cars which are a BMW M5 and a Ford Mustang Shelby gt500. I am looking forward to the future and the next steps in my life!

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