que impulsa el flag Diana Flores, la quarterback mexicana escogida por la NFL para liderar su campaña “Run With It”, football (fútbol bandera), espera con su imagen inspirar y empoderar a las mujeres no sólo en el deporte sino en todos los aspectos de la vida. (Foto: EFE/Diana Flores)

There is rumbling in the jungle that we need to have new curriculum that would recognize Anglo Saxon men and women who have contributed so much to our national sports history.

Those who are banning books want to see more attention given to white athletes. These history editors say that sports were played and played well until some allowed blacks and others to sneak in even if they seemed inferior to the then current athletes.

And before you knew it, according to some on the right wing of politics, some owners bent over to accommodate blacks, allowing them to step over more qualified Anglo athletes. And tennis shoe companies made it worse by getting endorsed by black athletes so that their shoes would be attractive to millions of black youth and others.

Some miss the all whites teams so much that they now feel that they need to take a national stand and want to reverse the Tsunami that is probably coming or already here in some quarters.

These individuals demand that the real statistics of sports be shown, not some black oriented data base. But they perhaps will not embrace the data once it is exposed. Once they receive the results, they instead might scream that it is Fake News.

They want to see a return to white leagues in professional sports, and that at the end of the season the white teams would play the winner of the black leagues.

In the meantime, they have to watch on Television as basketball, baseball and football bring out teams over loaded with blacks. 70% of all pro-football players are black. In Basketball it is 74% and growing. In baseball, white folks are hanging on.

But Baseball is so different; it is comprised of 78.0% white. Black percentages continue to decrease, while the Latino numbers are rising.

These white privilege groups feel they have to hold up white athletes so that their children could honor these men and women instead of black athletes. They are currently telling their children that most of the goals accomplished by black athletes are given too much advantage and undue credit by liberal media. They also say that the deep state is behind this movement to replace the white people. And that these black leaning organizations embellish any accomplishments by blacks and other athletes of color.

Besides, some right wingers suggests that if you play on slow speed or double slow motion, you will see that it was a white person scoring, but someone, somehow, has colorized the footage.

The problem with all of this distorted rightwing effort is that today’s children have smart phones, I-pads and computers, and they tend not to believe their parents and jump onto the internet and find direct amazing information, not to mention videos and films. The worst thing you can do is telling a youngster not watch something, because he will probably click on it more rapidly.

Years ago, there was book called “Black Like Me”, where a white man changed his skin color so he could fit into a black neighborhood. Well, he was lucky not to be lynched nor did he receive the death penalty. Now rumor is that some white athletes are colorizing their skins hoping for a million dollars shoe endorsement (tongue in cheek!).

To counter all this blackness, major corporate right-wing donors are being asked to spend money along with Russia and north Korea to stir the pot on the internet. They will work to down play blacks and up lift white athletes on the internet, (it’s purely a rumor!).

Racism has been present as well as sexism in our sports structures in so many ways. Today this ultra-right-wing movement embraces the fear stoked pundits who tell white folks that every thing is being taken away. Racism should not cloud the truth, but meanwhile many push an agenda of fear.

There is a book called Something in The Air, American Passion and Defiance in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics”, by Richard Hoffer, that a friend suggests we should all read, about the racism in that edition of the Olympics.


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