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Traveling recently on some interstate highways between Georgia and Colorado I began observing too many huge signs promoting pornography.

Yet some hope for better messages still exists in small samples, at a rest stop in Kansas there on the wall of the building was a map of the historical sites and special events that took place regarding our First Nations People or Indians as we sometimes call them. But this mini monument did not tell us how we broke treaties and killed so many of the original people of this land.

And of course, there were no major billboards reminding us that we were traveling through what was Indian land nor the names of the many Tribes

While my Roadside research is unscientific it nonetheless should make you wonder where our priorities have landed.

There were a few signs that promote the Christian Belief and some churches, but none for Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, or any other faith.

But the billboards that were everywhere were those promoting sex and pornography, these ads promoting Lion’s Den, Gentlemen’s Clubs, and places with GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS give the wrong message in a most public place.

In my unscientific survey in second place of the number ads on the highways was McDonald’s, and then a close third might have been Cracker Barrel and then the many gas stations and other fast-food sites.

At the same time, these states I was driving through have their politicos claiming to be GOD FEARING FOLKS. It is these narrow attitudes that deny other religions in so many cases. And in general, these politicos hate Gays, Women’s Rights, People of Color, and support a White History of the USA.

Now how could you be so Religious that you would allow having so many signs promoting pornography? I imagine that if we were to fund some road billboards that promoted BLM, Women’s Rights, abolition of the death penalty, Peace, and Equality or a religion other than Christianity I am sure that they would be defaced or destroyed.

Those misguided pseudo-Christians don’t want the real history of America taught but allow our children to see so many signs promoting pornography. And just so you know that at many a truck stop you can purchase any drug you may want and yes you can also find prostitution flourishing there.

And yes, there were still a couple of billboards along the highway honoring the recent past president, and also Confederate flags on the back of pickups.

While some have taken to policing the film and music industry for sexual messages, they have yet to see this contradiction out there on our highways that our children can see every day.

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