A beautiful inside view of the bakery. (Photo: Courtesy/Angie Pinto)

Recently, in the Lawncrest neighborhood of North Philadelphia, a new bakery opened – and it is already a beloved cornerstone of the community. For two years, Angie Pinto, a 2015 alumna of Esperanza Academy, has been delivering her bakery orders from her basement. Her idea for the bakery began when she decided to make a birthday cake for a family member after being unable to find a bakery that would take orders during the pandemic. She opened an Instagram account sharing her new treats, and it became a sensation. As orders poured in, Pinto kept busy. «I started with making small treats like dipped strawberries and pretzels, and eventually went bigger to catering baby showers, birthdays, weddings, doing floral arrangements,» she says. Her treats are masterpieces, almost too beautiful to eat! When we asked her favorite treat, she had a hard time answering, but says with a laugh: «If you ask me to choose a favorite treat, I just can’t choose one! Some of my favorites are the churro cheesecake – a churro topped with the perfect cinnamon coating and stuffed with creamy cheesecake – and my tres leches cake.» Of her journey, Angie says, «‘Sometimes life takes you in directions you never saw yourself going but it turns out to be the best road you have ever taken. Sometimes we plan out our futures so much and get discouraged when we realize it won’t go or is not going that way.

Always know that what the future has for you is greater and better.» Esperanza Academy and the entire community are so proud of Angie, and excited for all that she is doing by brightening people’s lives (and taste buds!) with her stunning creations!  If Impacto readers would like to check out her bakery, visit her storefront at 6706 Rising Sun Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19111 or check her out on Instagram @sweetstreatsfactory!

Chocolate covered strawberries decorated in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. (Photo: Courtesy/Angie Pinto)
A gorgeous floral arrangement with chocolate covered strawberries. (Photo: Courtesy/Angie Pinto)
Angie Pinto in front of her bakery, Sweets & Treats Factory. (Photo: Courtesy/Angie Pinto)


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