Nelson Cirino refuerza las ventanas de su casa ante los vientos del huracán Fiona, el domingo 18 de septiembre de 2022, en Loiza, Puerto Rico. (Foto: AP/Alejandro Granadillo)

A collection of 45 Philadelphia non-profits have banded together to generate relief for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona decimated the island.

Five years ago, 45 nonprofits united as a grassroots collaborative called «Unidos Pa’ PR» to raise awareness, collect donations and provide direct support to people in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Now the organizations are coming together again to provide relief after Hurricane Fiona.

Community leaders gathered outside the Association of Puerto Ricans on the March (APM) in North Philly on Wednesday afternoon to share how people can get involved with relief efforts.

The president of APM, Nilda Ruiz, said the nonprofits are working with the Office of Emergency Services as well as the Office of Supportive Housing.

«There’s going to be a huge exodus from Puerto Rico. It’s really, really sad,» said Ruiz. «We started the Greater Philadelphia Long Term Recovery Committee and we’re planning to do that again.»

«We just weren’t focused on big entities in Puerto Rico, we were literally connecting with fishermen, local churches and people who need the exact money to get things done immediately, and that’s what we intend to do again,» said Adonis Banegas, the CEO of Concilio.

Concilio is a social services organization that is part of UNIDOS PA’ PR and the fiscal manager of donations being collected. Banegas said more than $400,000 was raised to provide relief after Maria.

If you’d like to support relief efforts or know someone who needs help in Puerto Rico, you can text PRFIONA2022 at 44 321. Or you can make a donation through the Concilio de Organizaciones Hispanas website.


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