"Audrey DeRivera, Esperanza Academy English Language Paraprofessional, working alongside her students. This photo was taken prior to the pandemic in 2019." (Photo: Credit/Sierra Guenst)

Quarantine and isolation are words we have become all too familiar with these days.  We have adapted our way of life to incorporate unexpected periods of isolation. Esperanza Academy, along with most other schools, has returned to in-person learning. But most students and their families still have a contingency plan for virtual learning in case they need to quarantine. Fortunately for students, online school can be a nice distraction during any required time of isolation. One of Esperanza Academy Middle School’s Counselors weighed in on how students can be proactive to make their virtual learning experience more effective and tolerable. She says that the stress induced by online learning “can be addressed through quiet spaces for students to work online, breaks at home, school clubs, after-school tutoring, and consistent, ongoing support from teachers, administrators, counselors and parents.”

As a student in the community, if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed, know that you are not alone. Many students feel this way. It is important to remind yourself that your current situation is temporary – this time will pass, and you will be back to school quickly. It is also important to stay connected to counselors and friends while in isolation. In our digital age, isolation does not mean being completely alone – there are many ways for us to connect despite physical separation. Although school clubs may feel different online, it can still be helpful to have that sense of connection. Audrey de Rivera, an English Language Development Paraprofessional at Esperanza Academy High School says, “Family members can seek help from local resources. Families can encourage discussions about feelings, etc. and listen attentively to each other. Finding ways to relax and help each other is super important!” Whether you find comfort and support in your family, your friends, school counselors, or all of the above, make sure you nurture those connections with intentionality to make the quarantine experience less stressful.


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