Sharing stories of resilience can help us grow together! (Photo: Nonmisvegliate, Pixabay)

“Resilience Story Circles” is a response to the social injustice and discrimination, against the immigrant community during this pandemic time; traumatic events such as family breakups, for example, are affecting the mental wellness of the individual. As a collective group, the challenges of healing racial injustice and street violence need safe spaces for the public to discuss these topics without any judgment or retaliation.

Silvia Roldan, born in Ecuador, member of non-profit organization I Belong and the organizer of this webinar, mentioned that “sharing social justice stories help build our confidence and empower people around us to act when they are having a similar experience of injustice…” She added that sometimes the immigrants are not aware of this type of microaggressions. This webinar will help members of the community to “raise our voices as an immigrant and as human beings.”

Waleska Lopez-Jimenez, Puerto Rican and rehabilitation counselor, Trapeta B. Mayson, Liberian and social worker, and Vanessa Cuenca, Ecuadorian and communication strategist, are among the panelists who will be sharing their experiences working with the immigrant community. In addition, Roldan, who works at a healthcare organization as an office technician floater, has come to realize how fragile this community is nowadays.

This online event is going to be held on Thursday, May 20th at 5 p.m. For registration, please go to or email

Contact: LinkedIn @maryluzmarques, Twitter @maryluz_marques


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