Escuela Primaria Robb de Uvalde, Texas. (Foto: EFE/Tannen Maury)

In Uvalde Texas, there were 376 law enforcement officials at the school, and it took them around 80 minutes to finally confront the shooter who had killed 19 students and two teachers. Also, others were injured by this shooter while young students called 911 asking for help as their friends were dying around them.

We have been told time and again by the NRA National Rifle Association and some misled public officials that if the good guys had the guns, they would stop a shooter. Well in this case many well-armed men (more than 300) with so much training could not figure out or were afraid to storm the classroom and stop the execution of children.

From the Governor on down to the local school board and the city council, there have been a series of lies and misstatements about this horrific event. While the Governor’s office promises a full investigation most do not trust this public official who has made it easier to get weapons of war in the hands of almost anyone.

Not one law enforcement officer has been fired or jailed for their dereliction of duty.

There are many who outside of the government sources who are sharing the stories of the real heroes and those suffering from this tragedy. The Pediatrician who saw children in the emergency room saw the awful destruction of young students by the most powerful bullets of this weapon created for war.

The pastors of this community have had an amazing burden as they tried to console their parishioners and grieve and bury so many children and two adults. The toll is amazingly harsh on many. The husband of one of the teachers killed died shortly after going to a wake for his wife.

In the weeks ahead our team will be visiting Uvalde to meet with community leaders and family members to ensure that more of the truth is surfaced and that the rights of all are protected. After the initial visit, we will do some follow-up visits.

We all have moments in our life we are moved to do something we had not planned but when history lands on our doorstep, we know we must act.

We don’t know that we can make a difference for Uvalde. But we are moved to take some action on behalf of this community. Our first visit will be from July 27 to August 4th. And the second will visit will begin on the 27th of August.

We need volunteer researchers, photojournalists, writers, donors, and dreamers. Those who want to join this effort should contact

We must all speak out against the epic violence of our country. We must find restorative justice for all of us.


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