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We are in a difficult time with a lot of most serious challenges.

Everything has become critical and urgent, all at the same time it seems.

And history is demanding that we pay attention and take direct action.

We are fighting for justice and equality not just for you and me, but for everyone.

Those of us who are advocates, on occasions are a bit too loud, a bit too persistent and have some sharp edges to our efforts.

And some out there want us to be more gentle and softer in our approaches and our actions. But while our words might seem harsh, with jagged edges, they must know that we are speaking for people who are suffering and dying. In response to our actions, some politicos send out their sandpaper staff to smooth out our edges with their well-intentioned, and most often, ineffective resolutions…, they want to sandpaper our rough edges, and that is not right. They want us smoother than smooth can be… and that is not right.

Often, they offer us a piece of the pie, an entry into the system, if we just stop pushing so hard for change.

While we appreciate being offered a piece of the pie what we want is the Recipe

We want to know is how to build power and share that power with the poor, no matter their skin color or any other status.

We want to create our own piesto share with others.

We Want the Recipe.


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