La Comisión de Servicios Públicos de Orlando (OUC, en inglés) precisó que el oxígeno líquido con el que se trata el agua de la ciudad se está desviado a los hospitales. (Foto: EFE/DANIEL IRUNGU/Archivo

The governors of Texas and Florida have blamed immigrants crossing the southern border for the crisis they have with the Delta variant.  Of course, if you just look at the map, you will see that Florida is far away from the border.

The fact is that there is no correlation between the spread of COVID and the spread of Delta to Immigrants. In fact, Delta was found to be spreading in the United States long before it was found in Mexico and Latin America. And perhaps it was our tourists who took Delta south of the border.

Blaming the COVID surge on immigrants is as crazy as blaming every case of diarrhea in the U.S. to Montezuma’s Revenge. American tourists getting diarrhea in Mexico always blamed this indigenous Mexican chief for their stomach ailments.

At the same time there are those who say immigrants took their jobs. Yet, today there are more jobs available and not enough applicants. Plus, the white folks complaining are not applying for farmworker jobs nor as hotel maids or gardening jobs. And if employers paid a decent wage, they would surely fill all their positions.

If the Governors of Texas and Florida had spent more time and efforts getting their citizens vaccinated and had implemented strong masking laws, they would not be having such a strong surge. Where more people are vaccinated and there are stricter mask laws, the surge is not as great.

We have over 100 million in our country who are not vaccinated. 90 percent of those hospitalized today and 99 percent of those dying are unvaccinated. And even worse, there are now more children getting the virus. One in four new cases are children under 17 years of age. If we have so many citizens not vaccinated, we will still have COVID running wild around our country.

Instead, some governors are passing policies that ban masking, which is so wrong and so crazy. Masking is easy and can help to slow the spread and help to save lives.

Blaming the immigrants is a continuation of the race baiting enhanced by the previous president and other misguided politicos.

It is a terrible waste of time and energy to blame the immigrants when the blame lies at the feet of the governors and their wrong COVID policies and politics.

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