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After months of pushing their members to avoid the vaccine they are now changing their talking points about the Virus. These politicos are now prompting vaccination. They are finally admitting that it saves lives.

Over 95% of those now getting the Virus and 99% dying -were people who were not vaccinated-. One doctor related conversation with patients who, while under emergency medical assistance, ask for the vaccination, not understanding that vaccination is not an option once you are hospitalized or infected.

One political party has attacked the vaccination efforts of the current president and has pushed it supporters to embrace the most bizarre and politically motivated position of opposition to vaccination. One political party has made COVID a fund-raising issue by opposing all efforts by the health community to save lives

These people have been told that the Virus is a hoax and that it could damage one’s health. And then there is a lot of them do not trust the government.

Some so-called red states are being hit hard by the DELTA mutation of COVID because their vaccination levels are below 50%. Because of this low level of coverage, it makes it easier for the virus to be transmitted. And the DELTA mutation is a more aggressive and active COVID version

If you are vaccinated, you could still get the virus, but it will not make you seriously ill nor will it kill you

Now many of those professional deniers are now asking people to be vaccinated because they see that their supporters are dying because of the lies that they had been spreading for many months. Plus, the cost of hospital treatment is most expensive and damaging local health systems.

Doctors, and health administrators who try to tell the truth receive death threats and often are fired or pressured to leave their positions.

We need to get everyone vaccinated and, in the process, save lives and let our society to be opened and businesses flourishing.  No matter their political ideology we need to try to save everyone.


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