By The Editorial Board*

It is clear that the following candidates are the best for Latinos in the city and we will share why.

For Mayor Democrat, we endorse Cherelle Parker.   A child of our city and a person that has lived the struggles of working-class Philadelphians.  Parker also showed her care for the Hispanic Latine community as she helped develop the 5th Street commercial corridor in her district including several Latino businesses that were assisted.  She has fought and will fight for affordable housing that benefits the people in our community and she understands how our Latine/Hispanic people have suffered under the city opioid policy that has brought so much distress to our community. 

In the same way, we endorse Quetcy Lozada for the 7th councilmanic district. Quetcy is also a Philadelphian who has lived in our community since birth, has gone to our schools, and has battled for our community for decades. In a relatively new city council, it will be great for our community to have someone who has worked with the city for over a decade but that knows the heartbeat of our community.

David Oh is our choice for Republican for Mayor.  His years of dedicated service to the City council do not go unrecognized.  A constant presence in the Latino community David has shown himself to be a friend to our community often consulting with our community-based institutions and our community leaders.

Finally, for At Large, we endorse Erica Almirón and Luz Colón. Again, these two women know our community they have advocated and fought for our people at city state, and federal levels.  Why not have two women at large that know the pulse of our barrios and our city and that know how to advocate on our people’s behalf?

Parker, Lozada, Almirón, Colón and Oh are what is best for our barrios… sin ninguna duda

* The Impacto’s Editorial Board, which operates independently from the newsroom, identifies the races where an endorsement can help readers understand where candidates stand on issues and why we think voters should support a particular candidate.

This opinion was written by a group comprising a diverse group of individuals that currently work or reside within the newspaper’s main distribution footprint, and who collaborate  separately from the newsroom, to debate matters of public interest.


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