Among the most relatable candidates was Cherelle Parker.  Invoking her late grandmother, who was a domestic worker, and using her background of rising from poverty to become an influential member of city government, Mrs. Parker reflected on what some Latinos have overcome in their struggles to build the American Dream. Foro Latino April 10th 2023

Maria’s former colleague, Cherelle Parker, will top the “Agenda Latina” endorsement slate. Further announcements of “Agenda Latina” endorsed candidates will be forthcoming. 

Announcing her endorsement of Cherelle, Maria released the below statement:

“I have said for years that the 100th Mayor of Philadelphia will be a woman. Today, I go one step further and say that the 100th Mayor of Philadelphia should be Cherelle Parker. Cherelle has the lived experience that is essential to leading our city at this time. Philadelphians can see themselves in her.

“As a State Rep. and a District Councilmember, Cherelle didn’t get to pick and choose what to care about. She had to serve her constituents and solve problems. The Mayor doesn’t get to pick and choose. The Mayor has to solve problems and make sure our government provides services in every neighborhood.

“Cherelle and I have both lived the challenges that our city faces and we have both dedicated our careers to public service. We know the challenges in our neighborhoods but more importantly, we know their potential. We see the hard work that Philadelphians do every day. 

“When I suspended my campaign and issued the Agenda Latina, I called on all candidates to make a renewed and sincere effort to engage Philadelphia’s Latino community. In my conversations with them since then, Cherelle has demonstrated the best understanding of the goals I outlined and the strongest commitment to achieving them.

Photo by: Burkett Photography & ¡Presente! Media

“I still believe that Philadelphia’s Latino community will choose the next Mayor. Over the next two weeks, I will work with Cherelle and make that happen.”


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