Carlos Dominguez teaches students all the about Gmail.Over the next decade, 50% of tasks across all industries are expected to go digital, eliminating as many as 39 million jobs. Approximately two-thirds of jobs will require some level of digital skills. Like email communications. (Staff/Photographer)

What is a Digital Skill? It is computer knowledge that helps you to use technology and the Internet. We can use computers to learn, play, and connect with others.

Why are Digital Skills like Superpowers and how can you as a minority or a new citizen benefit from it?
Let’s talk about this!

Digital skills help people like yourself settle in and make your life here even better. It can be a little confusing and hard when you are in a new and exciting place with so much to do.

So, I want to give you 11 ways that Digital Skills can be helpful to you:

1. Making New Friends: Digital skills can help you meet and connect with other people in Philadelphia or surrounding areas. You can use websites and apps to find local events that you can join and make new friends who share the same interest.

2. Learning: If you are in school, digital skills can be your sidekick when learning new things. You can use the Internet to research information, read about different topics, and find helpful videos that make learning fun! You can even register at any of our Esperanza Academy schools for your children or register to our Esperanza College of Eastern University.

3. Entertainment: You can discover fun activities and places Philadelphia has to offer. Check out Esperanza’s Art Center online.

4. Explore: Do you want to discover Philadelphia? Digital maps and navigation apps will show you the way to your destination and make adventures easier and more fun.

5. Community: You can learn about the community on the Internet by finding out about people, culture, and the history of Philadelphia. Philadelphia has a beautiful history and digital skills can help you feel more connected to your new home.

6. Helping Family: Everyone can benefit from access to digital skills. They can use the Internet to find work, search for local services like doctors or schools, and connect with important people.

7. Staying in Touch: If you have family back home, digital skills allow you to stay connected to them. You can make video calls or send messages to share your journey with them even if they are far away.

8. New Talent: Think of the Internet as a virtual library with countless books and videos on how to do cool things. You can learn to play music, cook new dishes, or even try craft projects.

9. Job Search: If you are looking for work, digital skills can help you in many ways. You can use the computer to create a resume. You can even use the Internet to look for new jobs in the area. If you need assistance looking for work, come visit Esperanza’s CareerLink.

10. News: You can stay informed about what is happening in Philadelphia and the world. You can stay up to date with articles and videos.

11. Creating: Finally, you can create and share your own things on the Internet. From drawing, writing, and even small businesses, you can use technology to express yourself and share talents with everyone.

Digital skills have a special power that can help you in many exciting ways as you start your life here or even if you have already been here but need assistance. With these skills, you will explore, learn, and connect with people like never before. Your adventure here will be even more awesome and it just the beginning.

If this gave you any interest, Esperanza’s Digital Skills program is here to help you absolutely FREE!
Please contact us at or 215-297-4641 or scan the QR code to register for any of our workshops.


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