Representación de la comunidad latina de Filadelfia durante uno de los eventos culturales organizados en el Love Park. (Foto: PL)

“Mexicans” crossing the border to destroy the American Culture (whatever that is), and to take our jobs (maids, gardeners, car washers and agricultural harvesting), jobs which I know for a fact that no Anglo individuals are lining up for.

And if Anglos did happen to take those jobs back, a head of lettuce might cost $10 and a dozen eggs $24.

But I must say the Hispanic’s are sneaky and strategical. For years they and other Latinos have been jumping fences or pillows and marrying outside of their ethnic groups.

The White/Hispanic combination represents 42% of intermarriage; while in comparison, the White/Asian combination represents only 15%, the White/Black combination 11%, the Hispanic/Black combination 5%, and the Hispanic/Asian combination 3%. Notably, the Pew report neglects to discuss the role of “Hispanic” racial appearance and identity.

If this intermarriage rate continues, we will all soon have Latinos at our holiday meals and events.

Mexicans and other Latino groups have snuck in their foods, drinks and holidays and cultural events. While Mexicans lead the way, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans, Salvadorans, and many other Latino groups have added their food, drinks, and cultural activities to their communities; thus, changing the so-called American food and holiday menu.

Representation of the Latino community of Philadelphia during one of the cultural events organized at Love Park. (Photo: PL)

For more than 40 years salsa has outsold Ketchup. And think about the fact that almost everyone seems to know what a taco is and what a hard shell or soft-shell tacos is; or what is a taco salad, a burrito, a quesadilla or a tamal. Almost everyone has consumed Mexican food or a cerveza/beer from Mexico. But, by now, American gringo companies have bought up many of the Mexican beer labels. Oh, I almost forgot about Mezcal and Tequila (what one gringo friend jokingly called “to-kill-ya”), and the famous Margaritas with or without salt.

The public already knows the difference between corn and flour tortillas. On top of that, they know the difference between jalapenos and serrano’s, and many have enjoyed a jalapeno popper. At my Jewish bakery you can find jalapeno bagels and down the road you can even get jalapeno pizza and jalapeno jam, while many can tell you the name of their favorite burritos and enchilada. Of course, they knew about mole, and soon they will be bottling Horchata (rice based sweet drink) for Anglo babies.

Every major grocery chain now has a large section of Mexican and Latino foods. They make big profits out of these sales, and there you can find a wide variety of salsas and tortillas. To avoid selling a tortilla wrapped food as a burrito, some businesses have taken to calling it a wrap. “To wrap or not to wrap. That is the question.”

Gringos and the beer industry have taken over the Cinco de Mayo day and made it a serious competitor to the Irish St. Patrick’s beer drinking pay day. I can’t see how any politician could find a way to ban this beer busting Sloppy Nacho eating holiday. And they would probably have to jail all the Mariachi groups across America and close down the Spanish language Radio and television stations, including those Spanish preaching evangelical ministers who are on the air.

Not to mention the many dance instructors who make good money teaching gringos’ cumbias, salsa, bachata dancing and other wonderful Latin dance steps.

Many phone answering machines now ask you to push a different number if you want Spanish (in spite of an old racist movement that wanted English Only spoken), and many of the call centers are in Mexico; not to mention electronic and auto assembly plants positioned and profiting by being in Mexico, as they give some workers low wages instead of a decent wage and benefits, which would deter many from going north.

One friend joked about pressing buttons for language saying in his telephone answering voice “press one for English. Two for Spanish or three for Stupid”.

Colorful Taco trucks are everywhere, and many of u have our favorite trucks; and much of their food is better and cheaper than that of the restaurant cuisine.

Venezuelan food is gaining ground in the gastronomy of Filafelfia. (Photo: PL)

Plus, in the winter, many of the vegetables and fruits are coming from Mexico; and no one will stop these crops from jumping the border wall

Will Americans now be asked not to go to Mexico and those living there now be forced to return or have their citizenship voided?

The Gov. of Arkansas outlawed the word Latinx. And I guess that this is the point of the racist spear for now. But I dare her to try to ban tacos.

Since there is now a movement to ban books, some of us wonder when there will be a right-wing ban on Mexican foods and drinks. Well, a friend jokingly spurted “I will fight it and they will have to rip my Hatch New Mexican chilis and tequila from my cold dead hands.”

Since right wing politicos want to ban the books, but are too afraid to ban our food and drinks, we will have to begin writing our history on the labels of foods and beverages produced for public consumption. Dr. Bronner’s Magic organic soap company in Vista, California, puts its world philosophy on all their products. And this educational effort is one fight that can be easily won by the Mexicans with the help of other Latinos and progressive people of all colors. And we will continue to paint beautiful murals of the history of a people and their aspirations for a better world.

In this corner, the Mexicans and other Latinos are winning this part of the Cultural War.


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