Today we must call for justice for our black communities and ensure that we make Voting Sacred and thus join the Voter Freedom Movement.

Those who are afraid of a brown future are dismantling all pretenses of equality and democracy as they find 500 ways to deny blacks and so many others their right to vote. They are gerrymandering voting districts so that the power of the black vote is seriously diluted

The supreme court participated in this attack on voting by tearing away safety rails of The Voting Rights Act of 1965.

This White is Right Coalition gathered by fear of dark-skinned people allowed the senate to reject legislation that would ensure some decency inside of the voting system.

After the most successful national election, a mob mentality gathered to deny voting rights to many using as excuse The Big Lie that there was fraud in the 2020 elections. And they were further emboldened by the Big Hate of Blacks and of Latins, Asians, First Nation people, the LGBTQ community, students, and those with disabilities. Those haters hiding behind their racial hate cheered laws by legislators in many states which had no fraudulent voters but now have been using the Big Lie to be legislating racism and trying to deny so many the right to vote.

And then there is The Big Fear now that white people are realizing that soon they will be the minority in America; they will be only 49.7% of the population and this browning of America is stoking many of the absurd actions being taken against blacks and others. By 2045 it is estimated that we will see Hispanic become 24.6% of the population, blacks 13.1, Asians 7.9, and multiracial 3.8.

At the same time, these worshippers of an Only White is Right temple are blinded by fear and hatred of the future are also attacking the books and what our children are reading and talking about the non-issue called Critical Race Theory that is a university course and not taught in any primary or secondary schools. But it has become a hook for racists to attack school boards and begin banning books. Books written by blacks, about blacks, Jews, Latinos, by women by gays, and many others that are not white men.

This culture of hate and fear is pushing solutions to problems that do not exist. Take a moment to look at the history books being used by your schools you will find missing the truth of color and gender balance. You will also not find the killing of Native Americans, the holocaust, the internment of the Japanese and so many other truths about this America of ours. We have never had a real balanced education of the Real Truth of Slavery. The lynching, and the discrimination against blacks and others.

I remember growing up having to read those children books that had those white children called Dick, Sally, and Jane; their dog named spot and puff the cat. I don’t remember if they had a last name. I do remember that the mom was a stay-at-home mom, and they had a cute little house with a white picket fence and green grass. It was nothing like my poor farmworker family., it did not represent the fact that both of my parents were going to work at slave wages for long hours to feed their family and that I could not play summer baseball since I was having to work in the fields at age 11. I did not see people of color in those books. It was Snow White and all the other white characters that filled the pages of oh so many books. I want to see working men and women and their families of all the colors of the rainbow and the truth in our children’s books.

Growing up I never was taught about the contributions of people of color nor of women or gays. But there amongst the pages of the books and the words of the teachers was unearned credit being given to white men for almost everything.

Today this threat of violence continues and the recent bomb threats of some Historically Black Schools and Universities remind us of the time bombs that are out there that could explode at any time and damage us all.

This Black History Month while we raise up all the wonderful contributions by blacks, we must be reminded that they did this while living under a mean storm cloud of racism. We want and need the complete American History told to everyone. And if we do this well, we might be able to move down the road of understanding together and know why we must protect everyone’s human rights.

The power and safeguard rails for our democratic future are within our youth and that is why we must build this democratic foundation of young voters.

Today we must urge that everyone join us on this Black History Month and dedicate themselves to registering voters and turning them out on election day.

It will be much more difficult to vote this coming fall as some politicos will purge our voters, challenge our votes, and try to overturn elections if they do not like the results.

Democracy needs us all to work to save this now fragile system of governance

And it cannot be said enough BLACK VOTERS MATTER.


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