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Small children can easily capture you heart if you let them. A couple of weeks ago, Monica, a good friend from Cancun, came over with her four-year-old daughter Sofia who already has over the years taken a bite out of my heart. Sofia calls me Papa Leno and gets me to do anything I can to make her smile.

But on this visit they brought Sofia’s young and small cousin in a stroller. I was not expecting another small child and was amused by this child had been premature at birth.

For an hour as I spoke and caught up with Monica I watched as she cuddled and fed this young child named Asher. In the meantime, I did not if I could trust myself to touch this delicate child.

Then it happened. I reached out with both arms and my heart and was given this small bundle of love.

It felt so good to hold this young man on my left leg and soon this leg was lightly bouncing him softly as I held on to his tummy. Soon his soft hands were grabbing my fingers and trying to guide them into his mouth. I reminded me of all the times I had held my daughter Aviva when she was a small child.

Children have faith in us adults and respond well when loved and protected. Children trust us to do the right thing.

For an hour and a half I was in another world and forgot about all my deadlines and work that was waiting for me at my computer and desk. I was most relaxed enjoying this bundle of joy and felt that I had a good life and appreciated that I might be able to actually do something good during my life time.

We must all give some of our time to interact with small children. My best job ever was when I was a Head Start teacher in Grenada, Colorado. I loved my students, and they loved me, and their parents were part of my team.

Small children trust us, and we must do our best for them every day.


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