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Are you someone who does everything online with their smartphone? You aren’t alone; over half of all traffic online is from phones. Did you know that for certain tasks, however, it’s faster, easier, or only possible on a computer?

Speed and capacity are two of the big advantages computers have over phones. With a computer, you have a keyboard and mouse at your disposal, which let you type and navigate around menus much faster. Plus, the larger screen on a computer lets you organize your digital space in a way a small phone screen can’t. These factors don’t just save you time; they also allow you to multitask. On a computer, you can more easily switch between apps and even have them both comfortably on screen at the same time. For example, you might have one window open with your resume, and another open with a job you are researching. Or if you’re shopping for the best deal, you can have pages for multiple products open at the same time for easy comparison. 

In addition to these benefits, some things you can only do with computer skills. Many apps don’t give you access to all their features on a phone. For example, while Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (or Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides) do exist as phone apps, they don’t allow you to do anything more than the essentials. Plus, knowing how to use the computer enables you to help yourself and others. It gives you a competitive advantage in your job search and leads to higher paying jobs. School work requires computer skills too, so whether you’re in classes yourself or helping your family with theirs, being comfortable with the computer goes a long way.

If you are interested in building your computer skills with hands-on experience, sign up for workshops with Esperanza’s Hope Digital Skills Program. We have workshops available all summer that will equip you with essential skills. Call 215-297-4641 or email digitalskills@esperanza.us to register.


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