Live salsa music and dancing. (Photo: Lia Montalvo y su Orquesta)

Wawa Welcome America 2023 brought an incredible event called «Arte en las Calles» to Esperanza Arts Center on Thursday, June 22nd. This family-friendly gathering was a celebration of wellness and summer fun and kicked off the Welcome America Festivities in North Philadelphia. The free festivities took place at Esperanza Parking Lot + Gymnasium. WAWA Welcome America Arte en las Calles is a captivating display of artistic talent that transforms the city’s streets into a vibrant canvas.

Local and international artists gather to create awe-inspiring murals, sculptures, and installations, infusing the urban landscape with creativity and imagination. From colorful street art to thought-provoking installations, every piece tells a unique story and sparks conversations about identity, community, and social issues.

Reverend Luis Cortés, JrFounder and CEO of Esperanza takes a shot a singing with band!!!

The event featured a variety of exciting activities. The Philadelphia Eagles joined us for fitness clinics, exercise sessions, and dance instruction, adding an energetic touch to the day. Wawa nutritionists were also present to share valuable tips on healthy eating. Attendees were treated to delicious snacks and refreshing beverages from the Wawa smoothie and snack truck, including offerings from Popcorn for the People, a cause that supports jobs for individuals with autism.

Children of all ages and abilities had the opportunity to participate in two clinics which included exercise, dance instruction, and cheer sessions led by the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. In collaboration with the Eagles Autism Foundation, a sensory-friendly fitness class was available, accompanied by resources for the community.

The celebration extended to Esperanza’s parking lot with live salsa music and dancing by Lia Montalvo y su Orquesta. Attendees enjoyed Latin food, face-painting, balloons, and a Night Market showcasing local businesses and food vendors such as Café Tinto. This vibrant evening was hosted by Rumba 106.1 FM.

One of the festival’s greatest strengths is its accessibility. It brings art to everyone, breaking down barriers and making it a truly inclusive experience. WAWA Welcome America Arte en las Calles not only enhances the visual appeal of the city but also serves as a catalyst for dialogue and cultural exchange. It celebrates diversity, bridging gaps between communities and encouraging understanding and appreciation of different perspectives.

Live salsa music and dancing. (Photo:  Lia Montalvo y su Orquesta)

Impcato applauds the WAWA Welcome America Arte en las Calles festival for its remarkable contribution to Philadelphia’s art scene. By bringing art to the streets, it empowers artists, enriches communities, and promotes cultural dialogue. The festival’s impact extends beyond the event itself, leaving a lasting impression on the city and its inhabitants. We commend the organizers, artists, and participants for their dedication to fostering creativity and for making art accessible to all. Let us embrace this celebration of art in the streets and continue to support initiatives that promote the transformative power of art in our communities.

The event was presented by Wawa, The Philadelphia Eagles, and The Eagles Autism Foundation, bringing together a wonderful collaboration to create a memorable experience for the community.


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