Nelly Jiménez-Arévalo, Executive Director and CEO of ACLAMO.

ACLAMO announced that after a competitive application process, the Department of Labor & Industry announced that ACLAMO is one of the seven organizations in Pennsylvania chosen to receive an Unemployment Compensation (UC) Navigator Grant. The U.S. Department of Labor previously announced $18 million in grant funding from the American Rescue Plan Act to provide more fair access to those entitled to unemployment benefits. These funds can be used by recipients for educational classes, equipment, staffing, training, and other program costs. 

ACLAMO was awarded $419,008 to remove barriers to accessing and completing UC benefits applications. There are many barriers faced by immigrants and refugees, those in low-income communities, individuals with limited technical ability or access, non-English speakers, and others served by ACLAMO.  

ACLAMO’S UC Navigator Program started working with the public in January 2023. To date, ACLAMO has hired and trained new staff to manage the project and organize benefits workshops. The program has already begun to show success as the community learns more about this new resource at ACLAMO. During the duration of the grant, ACLAMO hopes to directly assist 200 or more individuals with UC benefits while also educating the community through outreach activities, events, and social media campaigns.  

ACLAMO is a trusted community resource that has been helping the Latino and underserved communities in Montgomery County for the last 45 years. By educating the community it serves, ACLAMO will support workers to access available services and reduce employment-based disparities in the region.  

“We are looking forward to the tremendous progress the grant will afford,” said Nelly Jiménez-Arévalo, Executive Director and CEO of ACLAMO. “Many of our clients have faced issues while applying for UC benefits or have failed to take advantage of these services. ACLAMO’s social services team has assisted community members in applying to different government assistance programs for individuals and businesses. The UC Navigator grant will allow our team to increase its capacity to meet the demand for this service with a more cultural and linguistic approach. or Follow ACLAMO on TwitterFacebook


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