Our community is enjoying Artes en Las Calles event. (Photo: Esperanza Art Center)

Philadelphia, PA – On Saturday, September 16th, Opera Philadelphia  came to North Philly neighborhood, breaking down the notion that opera is exclusively for the elite. This event made the magnificent genre accessible to everyone, whether you’re a seasoned opera enthusiast or someone who has never heard an aria in your life. All were welcome to enjoy the beauty of opera in the park in Spanish, watch Hansel and Gretel, experience live artists, savor delicious food from local businesses, and engage in various activities tailored by the Arte en Las Calles team.

Opera Singer Ethel Trujillo at the Arte en Las Calles. (Photo: Esperanza Art Center)

A diverse repertoire of local and international artists

One of the most remarkable aspects of this event is its commitment to diversity. «Opera in the Park» showcased a wide range of musicians, including opera singers Kevin J. Godinez and Ethel Trujillo, pianist Ting Ting Wong, Magdaliz and her Latin Ensemble Crisol. Families were amazed by the extraordinary voices of the opera singers, who undoubtedly touched their hearts with emotive performances.

Kevin J. Godinez, Opra singer at Arte en las Calles event. (Photo:  Esperanza Art Center)

Interactive and engaging

This event wasn’t just about sitting back and listening; it was about being part of the experience. «Arte en las Calles» offered interactive opportunities for attendees to learn more about opera and support local businesses such as El Mercado de Latinas, Brazas BBQ Chicken, Pastelito Azul, Pejo_goshni, Helados Chupi Chupi, Face Painting Philadelphia, Tamayo.

Pianist Ting Ting Wong at Arte en Las Calles event. (Photo: Esperanza Art Center)

A community celebration

«Opera in the Park» wasn’t merely a concert; it was a celebration of our community. As the sun set and the stars emerged, the shared experience of opera under the open sky fostered a sense of togetherness that transcended language and cultural boundaries. It served as a reminder of the power of art to unite us.

Chef Juan Andres Plasencia from Brazas BBQ Chicken shared that for him, this event was a community forum to take the time and celebrate our differences between opera and the music that most of us listen to. For him, it was a connection, much like his Peruvian roast chicken and chicha morada, which may not be widely known but is loved by those who try it.

Susana Gonzalez from Pastelito Azul selling elotes while she was enjoying the Opera in the park. (Photo: Esperanza Art Center)

Susana Gonzalez from Pastelito Azul shared that she fell in love with the event as soon as she saw the name because, for her, Arte en las Calles signifies affordability or free admission, possibly organized by a non-profit. She also mentioned that when she thinks of opera, it usually entails dressing up and having a significant amount of money to buy tickets, making it seem inaccessible to many. She expressed gratitude for seeing families enjoying the event in a safe and spacious environment that welcomed all Latinos, including herself.

Chef Juan Andres Placencia from Brazas BBQ Chicken appreciates this type of event where art, music, food, small businesses, and culture come together in a community forum. (Photo: Esperanza Art Center)

Esperanza Art Center hosts many events throughout the year to ensure that our community stays connected, learns, and enjoys all forms of art here in our neighborhood.

¡Conexiones! Puerto Rico *(V)

Orchestra 2001: Roberto Sierra

Friday, October 27, 2023, 7:30pm


*Lili Daliessio is Community Information Manager at Esperanza Housing and Economic Development.


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