La Dra. Jamile Tellez Lieberman, vicepresidenta sénior del Programa de Participación Comunitaria, Investigación y Salud Comunitaria de Esperanza, invita a la comunidad a la próxima clínica de vacunas el 17 de noviembre de 3 a 5-p.m. en Carl Mackley Apartments.

Philadelphia, PA – In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, access to healthcare and vaccination became a real concern for the residents of Hunting Park, a community with limited healthcare resources even before the pandemic. It was during this critical time that Esperanza, in collaboration with Temple University and Miriam Medical Clinics, entered a partnership to provide -monthly clinics focused on providing free vaccination, health education, and health screenings to the Hunting Park neighborhood. These clinics have served the community since 2020, offering vital healthcare services at various «pop-up» locations in the neighborhood, including the Carl Mackley Apartments. The vaccination clinics are designed for families as well as individuals. Christina Gareis, Esperanza Community Public Health Coordinator, said: “Many parents bring their children to be vaccinated, ask questions about the vaccines, and others doubt about their health. We are happy to be able to serve them and have the information in English and Spanish. Speaking their own language makes a difference for each person, their families, and our neighborhood.”

Alison Fritz, Performance Management Analyst at the City of Philadelphia, Department of Public Health, assisted at the COVID Vaccination clinic and how the community benefited.

Esperanza’s primary objective with these monthly clinics is to bridge the gap in healthcare accessibility, extending a helping hand to the community regardless of their circumstances. On October 18, 2023, many Carl Mackley Apartments residents got their flu shot at the clinic. While there for their vaccines, residents were also able to get valuable information from Esperanza, Medical Clinics, and Esperanza Healthcare Center. Esperanza Healthcare Center is a local Federally Qualified Health Center serving the local community as well. 

Temple University’s nurse is helping a father and his son fill out the documentation before they get vaccinated.


Funding is crucial in enabling Esperanza to carry out its mission effectively. The Philadelphia Department of Public Health provides funding to support Esperanza’s community engagement, education, and outreach efforts related to COVID-19, influenza, and other vaccinations. While this grant does not directly finance the clinics themselves, it aids Esperanza’s staff and activities oriented toward education about vaccines. The goal is to increase vaccination rates in the community, as residents become better informed to make healthy decisions about their well–being. Alison Fritz, Performance Management Analyst at the City of Philadelphia, Department of Public Health, said: «What is exciting about this program is that we empower community-based organizations to have more funding because they are the trusted messengers; they know their communities better than Department of Health, and they bring the resources to their neighborhoods.»

Christina Gareis, Esperanza Community Public Health Coordinator, is giving a resident a free COVID-19 Test.

Esperanza’s vision extends beyond the clinics.  By providing essential healthcare services and education together, residents of Hunting Park have both the information and resources they need to take charge of their health. Dr. Jamile Tellez Lieberman, SVP, Community Engagement, Research & Community Health at Esperanza, said: «Our organization’s mission is deeply rooted in breaking down barriers to healthcare access. By offering monthly clinics, educating the community, and promoting vaccinations, Esperanza empowers residents to make informed decisions about their health.»

Esperanza Health Center sharing information with some of the Vaccination clinic assistants.

The next vaccination clinic is going to be held on November 17th, from 3-5 p.m. at Carl Mackley Apartments located at 1401 E Bristol St, Philadelphia, PA 19124

Lili Daliessio is the Community Information Manager at Esperanza Housing and Economic Development.


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