This Morning we went to a community close by called Clarkston to join with NACCP to hand out early voting site information to those waiting in cars to get food donations at city hall. Clarston has some fame for having many immigrants and refugees living within its city limits plus have a Refugee Plaza where Refugees can sell their wares.
in the photos you can see me with NAACP activists, Carolyn handing out literature to a car where the Driver was showing her MAIL-IN BALLOT and the passenger saying that she has already voted.

Also, there are some photos of a rally being held by the union UNITE HERE at the refugee plaza. This union has promised to knock on a million households and has already done 500,000.

This UNITE HERE team was made up primarily of African union members from all over the country and they are targetting the 30,000 African Refugees settled in Georgia…It was an uplifting Rally with chanting and singing just like our UNITED FARMWORKERS RALLIES
The target for each Unite Here organizer was 80 households.

Also, DR. BRONNERS staff and a Trailer have arrived and they have begun putting up early voting posters and handing out masks, sanitizers, and other items. the message on the Truck is VOTE YOUR POWER. DR. Bronners Magic Soap Company has worked with me on Immigrant Rights, Environmental Rights, and against GMOs.

STANDING ROCK Native activists are also doing phone banking to take back the Senate and make a BEAUTIFUL BLUE
And Latino groups are producing bilingual ads. as well as actor Ann Cusack. and there are many others nationally doing letter writing and phone banking … and I hope to do my own video ad to put up on Facebook urging people to vote. I am also a member of LEAN LEFT of the Inland Empire of California and Sharon Cohen lets me know of all the good work being done by so many on behalf of Georgia.

We need to all keep up the good work and get every vote deposited.


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