Host Committee- Tom Caramanico, Tiffany Tavarez, Rev. Bonnie Camarda, Cynthia Figueroa, Rev. Luis Cortes and Dr. Christopher McGingley.

On December 1st, the 2nd annual ¡Juntos! The Latin Reception of PA Society unfolded as a dazzling highlight during the annual convention of The Pennsylvania Society in New York City. This exclusive gathering brought together influential members of the Philadelphia community, fostering togetherness, celebrating achievements, and championing the diverse voices of Pennsylvania residents.

The event was hosted by Tiffany Tavarez, Co-Chair of ¡Juntos! and representing lead sponsor Wells Fargo, who shared appreciation for the sponsors in the room. “Juntos, is about coming together to network, to spark relationships, and to chart a strong and prosperous path for our communities as we celebrate Hispanic and other diverse leadership across the sectors. It is about using your own influence to pave the way for these leaders to create the real changes Pennsylvania needs.”

Co-Chair Reverend Luis Cortes, Founder and CEO of Esperanza a non-profit dedicated to the Hispanic community and others, acknowledged political luminaries including Senator Sharif Street, Speaker Joanna McClinton, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, and other influential figures, including members of the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs, all coming together in a spirit of unity to support the community.

Reverend Cortes noted following the event, «We are proud to partner with and celebrate longstanding non-profit and corporate partners, many of whom are each innovating and pioneering solutions to the challenges facing our communities themselves. The goal was that each person would walk away with a few new connections and an appreciation of what is possible.”

¡Juntos! other sponsors included Federal Home Loan Bank Pittsburgh, Jevs Human Services, Withum, Independence Blue Cross, PECO, Stradley Ronon, The Latino Coalition, and Highmark Impacto and Dos Hombres, whose signature cocktail, Salud y Vida, added a touch of flair to the evening. NY Hilton’s Chef Michael Aguilar curated a menu with Caribbean tones drawing upon his Cuban and Mexican American Heritage.

Impacto newspaper was proud to be represented, highlighting the importance of high-quality community journalism in Pennsylvania. As the sole Spanish-language newspaper distributed to nearly 13,000 homes in North Philadelphia, Impacto ensures diverse voices and stories are elevated, echoing Esperanza and ¡Juntos! mission of community empowerment.

Esperanza’s strategic participation in The Pennsylvania Society’s annual convention goes beyond symbolism; the organization seizes the opportunity to advocate for the needs and interests of the Hispanic community. Through these engagements, Esperanza is actively charting a more empowered and prosperous future for Pennsylvania’s Hispanic population.

The ¡Juntos! The event exemplifies a commitment to unity, empowerment, and community building, creating a lasting impact on the vibrant mosaic of Pennsylvania society. As we reflect on this night of celebration, advocacy, and community empowerment, we anticipate the ripple effect it will have on the trajectory of Hispanic leadership and unity in the years to come.

¡Juntos hacia un futuro más próspero!


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