At Esperanza College, we offer Social Entrepreneurship (ENTR-320). This course provides students with an introduction to the theory and practice of social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship can be defined as the establishment and management of successful social mission-driven ventures.

While for-profit organizational entrepreneurship has been studied extensively, the study of entrepreneurship for social gain is in its infancy. This course is designed to provide future nonprofit, for-profit, and government managers and leaders with practical knowledge about how to identify potential opportunities; develop skills for developing social entrepreneurship ideas and examining ways of measuring the success of the activity. 

Social Entrepreneurship is a budding field that offers opportunity for students to create community and monetary value on a sustainable basis. According to some information, globally this is one of the fastest growing sectors and conceivably the only creating rewarding employment worldwide. On Tuesday May 2, 2023, the Social Entrepreneurship Class completed their semester long project, Operation K&A.

Throughout the semester, students organized efforts to have a direct impact on their local community. Kensington and Allegheny in Philadelphia, PA is known widely as an area stricken with addiction and homelessness.

The class felt that it would be important to create a business focused on helping those individuals in that area through providing them with resources to aid their current situations. Students created this initiative, set S.M.A.R.T goals, created marketing and achieved enough donations to supply over 50 kits including new and gently used blankets, hygiene products, and fresh water and food to eat.

Students, along with their professor went and passed out the kits to the members of the community. The students were received and offered thanks as well as encouraging words from the members of the community regarding their futures and the good purpose-driven work they were doing. It was truly a proud moment for the Esperanza Family!


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