Esperanza’s Staff.

Revitalization is expanding in Hunting Park this summer!  Two weeks ago, Esperanza announced funding awarded from Congressman Brendan Boyle in the amount of $1,075,000 for physical developments on Esperanza’s campus related to the building of healthcare facilities and services.  This investment in the development of the neighborhood is just one of several that will be made in the coming months from different sources, all with the goal of significantly improving the physical conditions of the neighborhood.  In some cases, funding investments will target areas that have long been neglected. In other cases, new amenities and institutions are being created for the neighborhood, based on plans to continue making progress toward vision of an Opportunity Community.

As previously announced, funding provided by Congressman Boyle will help develop the physical infrastructure needed for the creation of healthcare services on Esperanza’s campus.  But also, just down the street on Hunting Park Ave, Esperanza is beginning plans for a new school building, to house grades K-5 of Esperanza Academy Charter School.  The new facility will allow for 800 elementary school students to learn and grow in a beautiful and comfortable space. 

In the neighborhood, the 5th Street streetscape will undergo renovations, with support from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) Multimodal Transportation Fund.  Grant funds were awarded with the support of State Senator Tina Tartaglione, and work is underway with the office of Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez and the Streets Department to determine the improvements that can be made.  Some areas of focus will include improving safety at high-traffic intersections, improving conditions for both pedestrians and drivers, repairing sidewalks currently in poor condition, and other related improvements.  Although the design and construction will take some time – up to several years to fully complete – the resources have been committed and the process is beginning.

The state of Pennsylvania, via PennDOT, recently announced that the Erie Avenue bridge work has been completed after 18 months of construction, and work will now begin on the 5th Street bridge between Hunting Park Avenue and Bristol Street. This work addresses the poor conditions of two major, high-traffic thoroughfares through the neighborhood.  Both of these bridges had fallen into disrepair after many years of disinvestment and lack of upkeep, threatening to result in dangerous conditions for the motorists and other travelers crossing them every day.  The repairs will not only provide a safer traveling experience, but they will bring an updated and cleaner appearance to these areas.  It is expected that the 5th Street bridge work will take 12 months to complete.  During that time, traffic will be rerouted, and travel may be slower through the area. 

All of these developments point to a bright future for Hunting Park and adjacent neighborhoods, and they are a testament to the persistence and leadership of community residents and community-based organizations.  Hunting Park is rich with dedicated, passionate people who continually fight for justice and for better living conditions, and who love their neighborhood and each other.  The community is grateful to our elected representatives, who also work alongside us to provide residents and local business owners with the quality of life they deserve!


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