The Kiosko Navideño’s team is celebrating this great opportunity, and they are looking to showcase the Latinx and Hispanic culture. (Photo: Lili Daliessio)

Philadelphia, PA – Latina business owners take center stage at the Esperanza Kiosko Navideño at the Christmas Village until December 24, 2023. Sponsored by the Philadelphia Department of Commerce and curated by Esperanza, this opportunity showcases the energetic, entrepreneurial spirit within the Latinx community.

The Kiosko will be open Sunday through Thursday from 12 pm to 8 pm and on Fridays and Saturdays from 12 pm to 9 pm.

One of the talented Latinas, Shawnick Rodriguez, remarks, “My art, rooted in Latin culture, is a reflection—a celebration of pride and self-discovery. Through paintings, murals, and jewelry, I connect people to their stories, fostering confidence in the Latin Community. Art by SIR is my way of inspiring others to embrace their ethnicity and transform dark times into joyful expressions.”

Giselle Poveda from Café Tinto is showing and explaining to the rest of the team what Kiosko Navideño will look like. (Photo: Lili Daliessio)

Food is one of the most significant ways the Hispanic and Latinx community stays connected to their roots. Amy Rivera Nassar from Amy’s Pastelillos said: “I am honored to join Kiosko Navideño alongside amazing Latinas in Philly—jefas, madres, artistas, creativas, cocineras! Excited to share our Puerto Rican comida in a space dedicated to our people during the holidays. To entrepreneurs: set goals, hustle, stay positive—my little business made it here, and yours can too with time and effort.”

Reflecting on her second year at the Christmas Village, Gisselle Poveda underscores, “For us, it is an opportunity to showcase our Colombian culture through our food, decoration, customer service, and everything that we do. Sharing our experience also helps us to be prepared to succeed as a team of powerful Latinas.”

Other talented entrepreneurs include Felipa Ventura from Taqueria Morales, Karina from Los Cuatro Soles, Eva Hernández from Chocolate Arts, Crafts, and Gifts, and Patricia Arcila from Latin Fashion are part of this year’s opportunity.

Shawnick Rodriguez from Art by SIR always shows her culture through her art pieces. (Photo: Courtesy/Visit Philly)

May their stories inspire joy, unity, and empowerment, creating a festive atmosphere that embraces diversity, inclusion, and innovation at the Christmas Village—representation matters.

Visit Esperanza Kiosko Navideño and support them.


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