During this time of strife in our country, our hearts are burdened for our people.

Through our prayers and voices as clergy, we are asking God to touch the hearts of our young Philadelphians who are working out their anger and angst in ways that do not advance the changes we need in society.  Many different groups, including outsiders and our own people, are causing destruction in our neighborhoods through targeted vandalism and looting – the violence must stop.  

Significant changes are needed within our city, state and federal governments.  These systems have continually perpetuated racial oppression and the demise of our communities.  As we pray for an end to violence, we are also asking God to advance justice for George Floyd and others who have been harmed – and to bring healing to our land. 

We are hopeful that every person who desires to see change would organize to create that change through the democratic process and peaceful protest. Only then can we hope to see lasting transformation of the structures that have led to racial inequity and injustice, instead of deeper suffering. 

Let us together call out injustice, define the changes we need, and struggle for change.   When we unite, organize and fight together, we can create a better tomorrow.  Please join us, or organize with others, and we will join you to push for a better way of life for our people.

We believe and pray we will emerge from this violence and destruction with the will to come together and develop real and effective plans to fix the broken areas of our society.  


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