Edward Wavier Yong, one of President Trump's supporters, demonstrates in front of the Pennsylvania Convention Center in downtown Philadelphia, US, 06 November 2020. EFE/ Jorge Fuentelsaz

Steve Honeyman

The newscasters submitted that yesterday was not the face of America! They argued that it was a moment in time, the result of a very long and strange trip with President Trump.        

Four dead after President Trump incites a mob to keep control of the White House. It was one face of America.

And the kindness people have shown each other during the pandemic, food and clothes and transportation and shelter and friendship. Another face of America!

But last summer as the police had the National Guard waiting at the Capitol steps in preparation for the Black Lives Matter protests in contrast to Wednesday during a major political event where thousands of Trump supporters were expected to be there rallying to keep control of the White House. No National Guard and even some police enabling the protesters to move forward. Another face of America.

The poverty in many of our urban neighborhoods and rural communities where children do not have enough to eat or the resources for good schools or affordable housing…Another face of America.

Our faith communities praying for their families and their neighborhoods and their country…Another face of America.

The daily essential workers and others keeping our communities going…Another face of America.

Of course, the rolling hills and the mountains and the oceans and the skylines of our communities and the beautiful change of seasons where we have them…Another face of America

And you and I, the great diversity of our country.

Another face of America…


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