Philadelphia Double Rainbow. (Photo: Credit/Gloria Maratta)

Ever ask yourself?
Who is the Holy Spirit?
This is what I have seen and heard from the Word.
He is the one Who leads us to truth.
What is truth?
It is the Word of God.
The Holy Spirit is also called “our Comforter.”
He puts all things in rightful order. He is Gentle, Gracious, Affectionate,
yet Persistent.
Tender yet,
that we find comfort
knowing that God the Father
Who created you, me, and all else in between
and God the Son
Who brought into Being all that His Father had done

He was in the beginning.
The Word was with God.
The Word was God.
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
Earth was without form.
And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.
Nothing was made without Him.
In Him is life that is light to all women & men.
The darkness does not comprehend.

God the Father
Who is in heaven.
God the Son came down.
Begotten. Made flesh.
Walking amongst she and he
looking out for us like a shepherd does for his sheep.
Who is the Good Shepherd?
In Psalm 23,
David declares, “the Lord is my shepherd. “
A shepherd uses his staff and rod to guide his sheep, his flock.
As Children of God,
Christ is our Good Shepherd.
He uses His rod—the Word of God to lead
and uses His staff
to chasten and feed
His flock.
His rod is an extension of His heart.
Like Scripture
He uses it to prod you and me,
His grateful sheep,
away from chaos
away from confusion
back into the fold
and truth be told
how many of us aren’t tempted
to go astray?
Find our own way,
just as sheep do when they look for extra food
in dangerous places.
We too.
Longing for momentary pleasures.
That leads to destruction.
Made out to be fools
by the one who comes roaring in,
seeking to destroy,
stealing our joy
in Christ.
But Jesus
our Good Shepherd
with care and with love
uses His rod
to chasten and hasten
us back His way.

How apropos
it is to know
that a field shepherd uses his staff to lean on
on a mountaintop
overlooking his flock.
We too
lean on You,
our Good Shepherd,
to draw Your sheep closer
Gently applying
Your staff—the Holy Spirit
to lovingly guide us
through narrow paths back
to righteousness
to green pastures
to still waters
Restoring our souls
What truly matters,
Is knowing You are with me.
Your rod and Your staff.
They comfort me.
In Jesus Name.


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