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Word: A feminine noun meaning, «Lexical unit consisting of a sound or set of articulated sounds that have a fixed meaning and a grammatical category. «

Have you ever stopped to think about the power of the word, and how we use it to gain power? Personally, I believe that a “Word» has unlimited power. What do you think?

I believe that «Power and Word» are inseparable lovers. I lost count of how many times I need to go looking in the dictionary to understand the meaning of a Word as to the way it appeared in a sentence. The reality is that, whether in conversation or in writing, «a Word» can hide from us what it really wants to tell us; especially the one that can replace many others, because it has a very general meaning. The dictionary designates it, «a wild word.»   The point is that we all need the word to express ourselves, either verbally or in writing.

Have you ever had difficulty expressing what you want to say? How many times have you been misunderstood when speaking or sending a letter? It has happened to me hundreds of times, especially when we are between two languages, English and Spanish. An example of this comes to mind: It happens that I was at an event celebrating our Hispanic heritage, when they tell me that they want to give an award to a guest. I know the individual personally, and I know he had no idea about this award, so I proceeded with the announcement of a well-deserved award to a loved and admirable person. I said the following: «This person is here and has no idea why we are going to call him into the microphone.» When his mother heard this, she became so what angry and indignant, because she understood that I said that her son did not even know what he was doing. In the end, as much as it was explained to the lady that this was not what was said at all, I think that to this day, she is convinced that we were making fun of her son. 

The truth is that «the Power of the Word» hypnotizes us, takes over our thoughts, and plays with our emotions. I understand that if we can control our thoughts, then we can control our emotion, and thus we can counteract the «Power of the Word.»


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