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I am on a mission to learn about Latino Communities as I travel through the United Kingdom and Europe. I invite you to follow my experience of this fascinating world with me. 

London has several Latino populations, including Colombian, Venezuelan, Cuban, Argentinian, Ecuadorian, and Brazilian. Latinos have immigrated to the UK due to political strife in their home countries since the 1970s, and during the Spanish 2008-2014 financial crisis, many have settled in the South London area. Elephant and Castle are a well-known spot in London where a Latino Village has been established. Part of the attraction to that village is the Columbian Market.

Liqui Liqui, un restaurante en la zona de Collier Wood, con la comunidad venezolana.

Latinos were an overlooked community, but today, Latinos are a visible force in London, according to the latest and most comprehensive research by the Trust for London and the Latin American Women’s Rights Service, a study at the University of London. The report establishes the first robust estimate of the size of the community. It explores several critical economic and social features of the Latin American community in London.

The size of the Latin American community in London was estimated to be 113,500, and it continues growing while the total Latino population in the entire United Kingdom is around 186,500. Latin Americans have come to represent a significant number of London’s total population. They compare to other large migrant groups. The largest national groups are Brazilians, followed by Colombians. Ecuadorians, Bolivians, and Peruvians also have a share of the Latino communities.

Los latinos eran una comunidad ignorada, pero hoy son una fuerza visible en Londres, compartiendo parte de la gastronomía.

My first experience engaging with a Venezuelan community in London was at a restaurant in the Collier Wood part of London. I met the owner, Erica Urvina, owner of Liqui Liqui. I had lunch at the restaurant and a conversation with Erica. She was amicable and willing to share her vision of the Latino population in London.

Erica explained that the Latino population in London is vast, and the majority are Columbians who came to England to escape the Guerrilla conflicts in prior years. While I spoke with Erica, I had a delicious Venezuelan lunch of arepa criolla.

My next stop will be at Elephant Castle and Vauxhall to meet and greet people in the famous Columbian Villages.


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