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Let’s begin this year with a positive outlook on our physical and mental health. January is a great time to start making healthier choices and keep them going all year. The ingredients for a healthier self include exercise, healthy eating, ample sleep, and finding joy in your daily life. 

What we put into our bodies and minds determines our quality of life. For example, our bodies and minds will deteriorate if we don’t provide them with the elements that nourish them. You have certainly heard it before, but I would like to remind you that homemade foods that include lots of vegetables and fruits will provide clean, nutrition, free of all the chemicals found in fast foods and junk foods.

While we are in the spirit of getting fit, let’s take a walk or hit the gym for an hour. Exercise at home if you must but keep it moving. Our bodies were meant to move, and even if we find ourselves watching a soap or two at night, make some moves while watching television.

Speaking of late-night TV, be sure to get all your required Z’s each night. Your body needs to rest. If you are having trouble falling asleep, consider a pre-sleep routine that includes a warm shower with lavender scents and an indulgent night cream. Play some soft music and give your body and mind a chance to let go of the day’s stress before you slumber.

Keeping ourselves well-nourished and active will open the door to better mental health, calm and joy. Find things that will inspire you. Watch a sunrise or a sunset and be in awe of our earth. Finding joy and experiencing peace in our lives will make us happy and full of a desire to live our best lives.


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