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My name is Autumn, and I’m 13 years old in 7th grade. I write because it’s second nature to me, and it helps me open others’ eyes to something they did not see. After I graduate, I want to do many things, but one of my goals is to become a writer, which has become my passion.   

Love is a word that has multiple meanings. It’s something that can be defined as anything around you. For me Love is life-changing and selfless. It’s understanding everything without boundaries. Love is a choice because it is your life and not anyone else’s. Love is sour and sweet because you can dislike yourself while you love another. Love is listening and understanding both sides. To some people, the word love is just a word with no meaning. To others, it means the world to them. We hear about love every day: we read about it, we watch it, we feel it, we say it, and we celebrate it. So, what is it? I interviewed some people I know to find out.

My mom said love could be scary because giving someone your trust and gaining that person’s trust cannot be taken lightly. Love is not, “if you don’t fit my needs, then I can’t be with you,” or “if you can’t do what I say, I can’t be with you.” That demonstrates no foundation and could easily crumble. My stepdad said love is “unconditional” and “satisfactory.” He had to pick his words carefully because there are no limits to the word love. One of my teachers said love is “warm,” “fragile,” and “growth.” He chose these words because love could be cozy and fragile that needs a connection to grow. When you love somebody, you always have them on your mind, 24/7. At first, it’s like you’re walking on eggshells. Afraid of accidentally hurting others’ feelings. I agree that love is fragile. You can be on the right track, but your love can go wrong instantly if you say something wrong.

My research into love has led me to believe that love is ride or die, down for anything. Love is realness. You can tell them the truth about yourself. It is pushing someone out of their comfort zone. The word love is powerful, but it can also be bittersweet. You may be mad at a person- a person you put your heart in-, and the word love doesn’t exist to you when an argument breaks out. You may start to believe there is no love in this world and ask, “is it me?” When people say, “I love you,” do you truly mean it, or are you just saying it? Do you actually love your parents, or do you just want something from them? You have to be careful with it. I think you can’t just say “love”; you have to show “love.” Saying it is easy. If you mean it, you have to show it.


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