Ivanna Gonzalez and Esperanza Tree Tenders volunteers celebrating their mission of making Hunting Park healthier and greener has been completed. (Photo: Esperanza/Staff)

Esperanza Tree Tenders continues promoting a healthier and greener community. 

Community members and organizations in Hunting Park recently engaged in collaborative tree-planting initiatives to enhance the area’s greenery. Ivana Gonzalez, a Community Outreach Coordinator at Esperanza Housing & Economic Development, emphasized the importance of leading by example in these events. «Leading by example is the best way to teach the youth why we are excited about all the young people who participate in these tree-planting events.» She said.

On November 18th, Esperanza Tree Tenders and volunteers gathered at McClure Elementary and planted two new trees. Volunteers, including those new to tree planting, received hands-on lessons on optimal techniques for urban environments during the event.

A broader collaboration took place on November 20th at James Logan Elementary, where students, teachers, PHS, and Esperanza Tree Tenders added five new trees.

Esperanza Tree Tenders are preparing for the Tree Planting event. (Photo: Esperaza/Staff)

Continuing the green initiative on November 22nd, Esperanza Tree Tenders partnered with Hunting Park Girl Scouts Troop 09007 at Case Paper. The scouts gained hands-on experience and insights into tree planting, impacting the community’s green landscape. «I am so proud of our girls for making our community greener!  Ivana was an amazing partner, and the girls loved working with her.  The experience was great for our girls to get their hands dirty and learn about the positive impact of city trees.» said Lauren Vargas, Girl Scout Troop 09007 co-leader.

«I loved planting trees because I know they will help the planet, and it’s very special to do it with your friends. It was freezing, but we did it!» – Ximena Vargas, age 9. (Photo: Esperanza/Staff)

These tree-planting events enhance Hunting Park’s aesthetics and provide educational opportunities for volunteers and participants. The collaborative efforts of Esperanza Tree Tenders, volunteers, students, teachers, and scouts underscore the community’s dedication to creating a greener and more sustainable environment.

Hunting Park Girl Scouts Troop 09007 and Ivana Gonzalez after they finished their job. (Photo: Esperanza Staff)

For those interested in further details, inquiries, or getting involved as a volunteer, contact Esperanza Tree Tenders at igonzalez@esperanza.us

Lili Daliessio is the Community Information Manager at Esperanza Housing and Economic Development.


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