(Photo: Gloria Maratta)

The woman at the well

Was not doing so well

Drawing water from Jacob’s well

Heat of the day

Nothing she could say

Nameless she was

She is all of us

Jesus, You said

“give Me a drink.”

Didn’t you think

She would deny and reply

How is it that You being a Jew

ask for a drink

from someone as I?

A woman of Samaria

So used to being stared at

met her Messiah that day

The One for Whom she waited and prayed

She drew from His well

It made her heart swell

To draw nearer and nearer to Him

Tasted and saw

that His water

Was like no other

Springs forth

Life everlasting

She said to Him

“Messiah is coming,



He will tell us all things from which we’ll be fed.”

But Jesus said,

“I Who speak to you am He.”


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