La autopista New York Thruway durante una tormenta invernal, el 14 de marzo de 2023, en Albany, Nueva York. (Foto: AP/Hans Pennink/Archivo)

Two snowstorms hit the city, leaving residents with little time to prepare after two years without snowfall. Recent events raised concerns about the efficiency of street clearing, particularly in underserved neighborhoods like North Philadelphia.

Residents must be well-prepared before a snowstorm. Essential supplies like food, water, and medications should be stocked up. Snow removal tools like shovels and ice melt should be readily available. Staying informed about weather forecasts and road conditions is crucial for planning. However, this can be challenging for residents with limited incomes, a significant portion of the population in the north of the city.

Safety is paramount during a snowstorm. Unnecessary travel should be avoided, and if driving is necessary, caution is essential. An emergency kit with a blanket, flashlight, and snacks in the car is recommended. Promptly clearing sidewalks improves pedestrian safety.

After the recent snowstorm, residents in some areas reported delays or inadequate attention in street clearing. This resulted in complex and unsafe conditions. «I was terrified to drive because the city usually cleans the main streets like La Cinco, but the small ones like mine are neglected. I hope more people are hired with the new mayor now,» said Lichy Torres, a resident of North Philadelphia.

Local authorities play a crucial role in snow removal, requiring effective communication with relevant city departments. Residents should promptly report unattended streets to ensure concerns are addressed. During the snowstorm, Councilwoman Quetcy Lozada stated, «I’ve reported all the streets sent to me for plowing or salt. Message me if they don’t get to it by tomorrow. Let’s be patient; crews are working to make our streets safe.»

The city is committed to providing efficient snow removal services for all neighborhoods. Officials are addressing any lapses in the recent response and working to improve communication with residents. «Let me tell you something: I had never ever seen them in our area between 6th & Lehigh Streets, and many trucks were doing their job; I was shocked,» said Rachelly Santiago.

Philadelphia Streets Department: snowstorm resources

Although the Philadelphia Streets Department’s response has improved, many residents believe further action is necessary.


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