Senator Casey, whose election is pivotal for the Democrats to maintain their slim Senate majority, states that the Supreme Court's ruling to remove constitutional protections for abortion has altered the entire abortion debate, leading a "pro-life Democrat" to endorse abortion access. Casey implies that being "pro-life" does not equate to supporting an outright ban on abortion without exceptions, at least in his view. He has also highlighted the importance of reducing abortions by providing services that prevent unintended pregnancies and support pregnant women and new mothers, which is why he advocates for federal funding for Planned Parenthood. (Photo: Provided)

Latinos in Pennsylvania gather political steam as they come together in a coalition to support Senator Bob Casey in his 2024 re-election bid.  More than 50 Latino voters and recognized leaders of Pennsylvania are launching the Latinos for Casey Coalition this, Thursday, June 20, 2024, in support of Senator Casey’s re-election campaign in November 2024.  

The Coalition’s co-chairs are State Representative Danilo Burgos (D-Philadelphia); State Representative Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz (D-Berks); Philadelphia City Councilwoman Quetcy Lozada and Lehigh County Commissioner April Riddick.

“As a state legislator, I aim to give my constituents a light of hope, along with the tools they need to succeed,”said State Representative Danilo Burgos (D-Philadelphia), one of the four Co-Chairs of Latinos for Casey.“The things Senator Casey is fighting for in Washington are the same goals I fight for in Harrisburg, including improving public education and job training, reducing unemployment, and promoting small business development and economic empowerment in our community. Senator Casey has helped provide us with those tools we need to succeed.” 

 State Representative Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz (D-Berks) went on to say, “As a representative of Reading, home to the largest Latino population in the Commonwealth, and as a Latina community leader and small business owner myself, I know firsthand how important it is for our representatives to prioritize our interests and deliver for our communities. Senator Casey has shown he will fight for us, and we need to send him back to Washington in November so he can continue that fight.” Philadelphia City Councilwoman Quetcy Lozada, Co-Chair of Latinos for Casey, and a life-long resident of the 7th District of Philadelphia, stated “I have dedicated my life to empowering this community.

Senator Casey shares my passion and commitment to public service and has similarly spent his career working to expand opportunities and improve the quality of life for Pennsylvanians.”   Lehigh County Commissioner April Riddick, also a Co-chair of Latinos for Casey, expressed that “People are tired of empty promises from our officials and candidates, just to get the vote. They are tired of hearing they are being looked out for without anyone delivering on it. Senator Casey’s track record of doing the work to deliver results for our community, including investments in education, job training, and community development, speaks for itself.  He is looking out for us in Washington, and we need to support his re-election so he can continue to deliver for our community and communities across the Commonwealth. We can’t afford to have anything less.” 

The Latinos for Casey Coalition is expected to raise the profile of Latinos in the Commonwealth along with their shared concerns, many that align with Senator Casey’s policy initiatives.  

Robert Patrick Casey Jr., known as Bob Casey is the senior United States senator from Pennsylvania, a seat he has held since 2007.

He is a member of the Democratic Party.  Senator Casey is nationally recognized as an advocate for children. Child-focused legislation sponsored by Senator Casey that has become law includes major portions of the Keep Kids in School Act, the Emergency Medical Services for Children Reauthorization Act, and the Health Insurance for Former Foster Youth Act. He has also worked on legislation to prevent sexual assault on campus, create family-sustaining jobs and advocating for the interests of workers and seniors.  Senator Casey serves on four committees, including the Finance Committee, the HELP Committee, and the Select Committee on Intelligence.

He is the Chairman of the Special Committee on Aging, where his agenda is focused on policies that support seniors and individuals with disabilities.

The coalition includes:

  • Abe A, Dauphin County
  • Jaime A, Lancaster County
  • Leslie A, Philadelphia County
  • Sheila A, Lehigh County
  • Basilio B, Lehigh County
  • Danilo B, Philadelphia County
  • Emilio B, Delaware County
  • Jacqueline B, Philadelphia County
  • Ana C, Lehigh County
  • Angel C, Philadelphia County
  • Carlos C, Monroe County
  • Dina C, Chester County
  • Johanny C, Berks County
  • Jose Antonio C, Philadelphia County
  • Lillian C, Philadelphia County
  • Lourdes C, Philadelphia County
  • Marilyn C, Luzerne County
  • Peter C, Philadelphia County
  • Edna D, Berks County
  • Nelson D, Philadelphia County
  • Romulo D, Philadelphia County
  • Joanne E, Philadelphia County
  • Jose F, Philadelphia County
  • Mila F, Philadelphia County
  • Amparo G, Montgomery County
  • Griselda G, Monroe County
  • Iber G, Lancaster County
  • Ivelisse G, Philadelphia County
  • Jose G, Philadelphia County
  • Sandra G, Philadelphia County
  • Thomas G, Philadelphia County
  • Maria H, Dauphin County
  • Bryan J, Montgomery County
  • Arturo L, Philadelphia County
  • Christian L, Chester County
  • Jammie L, Philadelphia County
  • Oscar L, Philadelphia County
  • Quetcy L, Philadelphia County
  • Celso M, Lancaster County
  • Enerolina M, Philadelphia County
  • Nancy M, Lancaster County
  • Natasha M,  Philadelphia County
  • Demetrio O, Philadelphia County
  • Guillermo P, Allegheny County
  • Maria P, Philadelphia County
  • Mitch P, Delaware County
  • Maria Q, Philadelphia County
  • April R, Lehigh County
  • Laura R, Montgomery County
  • Leonard R, Chester County
  • Maria R, Berks County
  • Sergio R, Northampton County
  • Adrian S, Montgomery County
  • Valeria S, Montgomery County
  • Matt T, Lehigh County
  • Samantha T, Chester County
  • Carmen U, Lehigh County
  • Christina V, Philadelphia County


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