PhillyTree, Esperanza Tree tender team, pastor Lola blunt and some church volunteers.

Philadelphia,Pa – On August 21, 2023 a remarkable tree health check pilot program tour, organized by Esperanza Tree Tenders in collaboration with Tree Philly, unfolded as a testament to the commitment towards fostering a greener environment within the community. Spearheaded by Ivanna Gonzalez, the community outreach coordinator at Esperanza Housing and Economy Development, and Jack Braunstein, the community initiatives specialist at Tree Philly, the initiative showcased an inspiring blend of environmental awareness and grassroots efforts.

The essence of the program revolved around reaching out to individuals who had availed trees through the yard tree program. They were offered assistance, ensuring the health and vitality of these trees. The endeavor spanned over a week during which nearly 30 trees across Hunting Park and the wider Philadelphia area were attended to. The first leg of this journey encompassed a visit to the Eagle Winds Church & Community Resource Hope, where Pastor Lola Blunt, renowned for two decades of dedicated community service, expressed her gratitude for the program’s impact. The team commenced their task by meticulously observing and diagnosing each tree, addressing any existing issues, and providing valuable recommendations for ongoing care. Collaborating with certified arborists, the initiative extended support beyond routine maintenance to encompass specialized expertise for more mature trees.

Ivana Gonzalez doing her job. (Photo: Esperanza Staff)
Jack Braunstein explaining to Pastor Lola Blunt about her tree.

Pastor Lola underlined the profound impact of the trees within the church compound, citing their contribution to a cleaner environment that positively influenced emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

PhillyTree and Esperanza Tree tender team doing their job.
PhillyTree and Esperanza Tree tender team doing their job.

The program extended its impact to individuals like the beneficiary who found herself unable to afford tree service. The fortuitous discovery of this initiative brought her immense relief and a renewed faith in community-driven solutions.
For those interested in benefiting from this impactful program, contact Ivana Gonzalez TreePhilly

*Lili Daliessio is Community Information Manager at Esperanza Housing and Economic Development.  


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