Renowned Puerto Rican artist Patrick McGrath Muníz is set to unveil his latest exhibition, «Arcanas: Neocolonial Retablos Inspired by Tarot,» at the Taller Puertorriqueño.

Many moments in life change a person’s perspectives and thoughts. For Patrick McGrath Muníz a Puerto Rican artist, after Hurricane Maria hit his childhood home in Puerto Rico. Something in Muníz’s mind went to pick up his tarot cards from his home. The old deck of tarot cards he was able to save up following the hurricane inspired him to start painting in the form of a tarot card.

What was left after the hurricane was his tarot cards which he later took to Texas. From there Muníz started to incorporate his tarot card into his paintings. After losing all his paintings, memories and his mom losing her house, Muníz felt that all these things happening to him must mean something.

Something about Tarot cards interested him personally and even the history behind the cards.

 “Given that the tarot originated during the time of Columbus, it’s very reflective of that time frame and that mindset. I feel that it is very relevant, you know, so there’s two points, the personal and the transpersonal for it,” Muníz said.

For Muníz, tarot cards are seen more as a tool, an encyclopedia, and a palette of archetypes that he can use for narrative purposes in his art. His art is always trying to reconnect with the paintings that he lost in the hurricane. It’s there to make justice and to commemorate the paintings he lost.

Painting has always been second nature to Muníz and it’s something he associates with his experience growing up in Puerto Rico. It connects him back to a time when he was home.

Muníz focused on many different topics with his painting from politics to his own experiences and some commentary on social issues.

 He hopes people get to see his art and have a different perspective on something that people may have overseen.

“Tarot card readings are everywhere but to have a different take on it after this experience of seeing the show in a different context. To open up to the possibility of seeing the cards in a different light” Muníz said.

In his art, Muníz likes incorporating symbols, social-political hierarchies, and representation. Muníz wants to emphasize in his art conversations of things that are existential threats and to try to find a creative way to deal with them and adapt to them.

One of his proudest paintings is “El Mundo Maria” (2019) which will be featured in “Taller Puertorriqueño” where he features his wife pregnant with his son Francis. For Muníz the painting represents hope and light after Hurricane Maria. After having the hardships of the hurricane, the painting he made was something that represented hope.

“It was like a light after the storm. For me, the birth of my son after this loss [hurricane] represents a good reason to look forward to something in life. And so that painting is very dear and personal to me. I would say I would feel the proudest of that piece” Muníz said.

A common denominator for everything in life as well as showing people his art is to show the audience that we are all human beings, Muníz explained. People have gone through tragic moments in time and Muníz would like to make a point where people should have a unity of the brotherhood no matter which country, they might be in. Patrick Muníz being from Puerto Rico not only would like to show his past and culture in Puerto Rico but he wants the audience to stick together whether it be art or simple societal issues they may have. 

Patrick McGrath Muníz is an acclaimed Puerto Rican artist known for his captivating and thought-provoking artwork. With a unique blend of Baroque-inspired painting techniques and contemporary subject matter, Muníz explores the intersections of culture, identity, and history. His work has been exhibited internationally and is held worldwide in private and public collections


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