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On November 8th, the 7th Councilmanic District will have a familiar face whose worked for more than 25 years. Quetcy Lozada is running for City Councilperson in the 7th district special election after the former Councilperson, Maria Quiñones-Sanchez, declared her candidacy for Mayor of Philadelphia. In Philadelphia, city elected officials are required to resign their current position if seeking a different elected office.

Last week, I sat down with Quetcy to learn more about this native of North Philadelphia.

 So, Quetcy, tell me about yourself. Where did you grow up?

I was born in the Fourth and Berks Streets area, where my grandmother lived. When I was around six, my family moved to the Hunting Park Community. I understand the joys and challenges of living in the 7th District because that is where I was born and raised.

Why do you love this work so much? 

Well, service to the community is who I am. My family believes in uplifting our community, and my father was a Deacon for 41 years. Growing up, my house was always open to others for conversation, counseling, or a warm plate of food. As a child, sometimes, the lack of privacy bothered me, but as I matured, I realized the need to have people around for even a few kind words, and thus I became attracted to the idea of service to others.

What was your first experience in your community?

The Council of Spanish-Speaking Organizations (Concilio) was one of the first places I worked and learned about service to the community. My passion grew through assisting others as I began to understand our neighborhoods’ needs. Our community is a community of compassion. We are willing to work with one another if given the appropriate tools. We are accepting of many things and compromise with others. We are resilient and always willing to lend a hand. This is a community that I am proud of and passionate about serving.

The 7th District has a lot of challenges. How do you think they can be approached?

Yes, we have many challenges in our community. It’s no secret that we face significant issues along the Kensington Avenue Corridor. We have 700+ individuals suffering from addiction and homelessness, and our community has to deal with this epidemic every day. Latino elected leaders at all levels of government are collaborating to secure more funds for the Kensington community. I am involved with these bipartisan efforts to bring more funds to Kensington and provide the needed services and beds. The municipality has unsuccessfully tried to bring solutions to the Kensington community, but the concerns remain the same. As the Councilperson for the 7th District, I will work across the aisle to find the funding and programs that will help.

Quetcy, you know that the 7th District is plagued by gun violence and is one of the most violent areas in the city. What do you propose as solutions that you can act on as a Councilperson?

Gun violence is a serious and painful issue in our District. There are too many guns. Hunting Park has some of the highest numbers of illegal weapons, and what will we do about that? I believe that enforcement is necessary. Although in recent times, we have experienced community sensitivities around enforcement, it remains crucial in solving the issue of gun violence.

It is also a citywide issue, and we must get our young people involved in after-school activities. We need innovative programs to teach children and youth how to redistribute their energy, communication skills, and conflict resolution. Respect for ourselves, our parents, and our communities. The programs have the goal of motivating youth to prevent involvement in drugs or gun violence. If elected, I will provide more funds for programs that can engage children at young ages, so we can have a much better chance to help our youth find other ways for children and youth.

Why should you be elected as Councilperson for the 7th district?

I listen to community members and have been their voice for many years. I have proven that I am not afraid to speak up or work hard, even when things get tough, I continue to show up. I understand the challenges of the residents of the 7th District because I live here and I am raising a family here. In this election, I lead with my dedication to my community, the compassion to serve, and the hands-on experience, I will employ as the Councilperson for the 7th District in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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