For years, crossing the 5th Street Bridge (spanning Hunting Park Avenue to Bristol Street) felt like a transition from one distinct area of the community to another. Leaving the historic «Golden Block» behind, you’d enter a more open space marked by the remnants of Erie Avenue’s old trolley tracks. This zone was then in the early stages of becoming a thriving business district.

This area, now known as the Hunting Park and Feltonville business district, thanks to the business association of the same name, is rapidly transforming into a booming center of commerce and housing.

Businesses like Marz Auto, Tierra Colombiana, and Latin Fashion are anchors that bring life to the area.

On a windy day, this past April 12, Esperanza and PennDOT celebrated the reopening of the 5th Street Bridge, after nearly two years of closure. This event marks a significant moment in our ongoing effort to promote economic prosperity, social justice, and cultural dynamism in Hunting Park.

The afternoon began with a warm welcome and refreshments, including an ice cream truck! At 3:00 pm, the ribbon-cutting ceremony took place with speeches by local representatives, community leaders, Esperanza representatives, and other special guests.

State Representative José Giral kicked off the ceremony by thanking the attendees and Esperanza. Danilo Burgos, also a state representative for District 197, mentioned that his office is right next to the bridge. He thanked Esperanza, the 5th Street Business Association, and the community for their patience.

Reverend Luis Cortés thanked the two state representatives and pointed out that the bridge unites the two districts. Also, being Esperanza a faith-based organization, he thanked God first and then all the people who made the reconstruction of the viaduct possible. «Now we can all walk, run and drive over this wonderful bridge,» he said. He also thanked the Pennsylvania government and PennDOT.

Public thanks were also extended to Chris Isaacson, Assistant Construction Engineer for PennDOT District 6; the Cabezudos and Vejigantes, and Anthony Mendez, from Los Bomberos de la Calle; Mad Beatz Philly Drumline; Monica Parrilla, president of the Hunting Park and Feltonville Business Association, and the Office of Councilwoman Quetcy Lozada.

The reopening of the bridge will not only allow for better traffic flow, but also symbolizes the rebirth of Hunting Park and Feltonville, extending an invitation to continue supporting local businesses and working together to build an even brighter and more promising future for our neighborhood.


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