Ms. Heineman teaching about professionalism to upcoming 9th Grade students.

The 9th Grade Summer Bridge Program is one of the first events back on-campus for the students at Esperanza Academy High School. The program allowed the incoming freshman class of 2025 to explore the school, take a tour, meet faculty, and staff, and get to know each other. The program lasted three days and had classes to teach students about what would be expected of them and how they could best succeed in high school. They played games in the gymnasium and even held an impromptu push-up contest!

The academy is excited to have students back on-campus and will be following healthy and safety guidelines to keep the community safe. Per the CDC recommendations, students are asked to social distance at least three feet. They will be required to wear masks, and staff are asked to be vaccinated.

The first day of school for the high school will only be for 10th grade. These students had their freshman year completely virtual, and this will give them a chance to also get to know the building and each other. All grades will commence their studies on August 31st, and the academy looks forward to another year of success and growth as the community comes back together.  



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