Students are learning how lunar craters are made. (Photo: Esperanza College/Staff)

Philadelphia, PA – Esperanza College hosted a dynamic event on Saturday, February 10th, 2024, the Creation Station and Youth Celebration. This annual gathering, designed to unleash the inner maker in everyone, offered a day for families to engage in activities that explore the marvels of engineering and emphasize the significance of design across various aspects of life. 

 Attendees were given many exciting opportunities, including hands-on experiences with cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality and 3D printing. The atmosphere buzzed with creativity and learning, making it a memorable occasion for over 120 participants of all ages. 

In collaboration with the Hispanic Society of Professional Engineers (SHPE), Esperanza College orchestrated this free event as a prelude to the Engineering Week that took place from February 18 to 24.

Students at the Science table. (Photo: Esperanza College/Staff)

The festivities were crafted to cater to children and adults alike, fostering an inclusive environment for all who attended. «The purpose of this event is to inspire children and young people to explore careers in engineering and technology. Also, we want to highlight the work done by young local engineers.» Dr. Nilsa R. Graciani, PhD. 

Esperanza, Chief STEM Officer and Esperanza College Director of STEM and Medical Assisting, said.  

Among the day’s highlights were slime-making, tower construction, and rainbow creation, providing a perfect blend of fun and educational experiences. Participants enthusiastically embraced the chance to interact with modern technologies, gaining hands-on insights into the world of virtual reality and witnessing the magic of three-dimensional printers in action. 

The Creation Station and Youth Celebration successfully showcased the boundless possibilities that stem from a fusion of creativity and technology. As the event wrapped up, smiles and laughter lingered, leaving behind a sense of accomplishment and inspiration for all who had participated in this enriching celebration of innovation. 


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