There was nothing little

About this girl

While only 10

Has the wisdom

Of those who reach 100

She is traveling the streets

From here and there

Spreading smiles and hope

To any one

Any where

Rich or poor

Small or tall

Speaking the language of love

That international message

Which reaches deep into

The hearts of even

Those most jaded

Those who have been denied

Those have suffered

The horrendous injuries

Delivered by those infected

By fear and by hate

Little Amal

Will walk with them

Will talk with us

Will help to keep

Our dreams alive

Each step

Each wave

Each visit

Helps to create

This tsunami of change

A multicultural wind

That we must ride

Across the waters

The mountains

The valleys

And all the borders

That have been erected

To keep us separated

Little Amal

Has it all

Has a path for all to follow

To a better day

For anyone

Any where

Every time


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