Yard Tree Giveaway with Tree Philly, Esperanza, and Juniata Park and Association (Photo: Esperanza/Staff)

Philadelphia, PA – In a recent revelation by Jovanny Torres, the community is teeming with untapped opportunities. Torres eloquently expressed, «There are many opportunities, but fear and skepticism often hold us back from realizing their true potential.»

Sharing a personal anecdote, Torres revealed how doubts about Esperanza College initially deterred his wife’s education journey. He reflected, «We almost missed the chance because of our initial hesitation. It turns out the investment was minimal compared to what we thought.»

Highlighting a community event centered on tree distribution and environmental awareness, Torres passionately remarked, «At first, the idea of free trees seemed implausible. Yet, witnessing the positive impact on our community, I embraced the initiative and welcomed a peach tree into my home, and soon we will have it in our business.»

Tree Philly, Esperanza, Juniata Park, and Association’s team (Photo: Esperanza/Staff)

Expressing his deep connection to nature, Torres emphasized, «Trees offer environmental balance, enhance human health, and bring aesthetic beauty. In Philadelphia’s tree-scarce summers, we must seize the opportunity to bring greenery into our lives.»
Torres, an advocate for sustainable living, addressed concerns about leaves causing inconvenience, stating, «Leaves can be composted, turning what some see as a nuisance into a sustainable solution.» He urged the community to unite, saying, «Let’s enhance our neighborhood’s beauty and contribute to the planet’s well-being.»

Ivana Gonzalez’s dedication to ensuring Torres’s family received their tree was highlighted, with Torres stating, «Ivana Gonzalez went above and beyond to make sure my family got our tree.» As the community unites to embrace these opportunities, a greener tomorrow becomes a shared vision, fostering individual growth and environmental sustainability.

Philadelphia residents have planted more than 1,000 trees in eight years in the Hunting Park neighborhood. The new trees will help keep the community cool as the climate warms.

Spring is coming; if you want to get a free tree, please email Ivana Gonzalez, Community Outreach Coordinator at Esperanza Housing and Economic Development at igonzalez@esperanza.us 


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