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During the past six-month period, candidates from both political parties have been flooding the radio, television, print media, and social media with disgusting commercials, when our diverse Latino population of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, are looking for elected individuals who will ensure that Latinos are not ignored once these politicians are elected. I am disheartened by all the lies and false promises peddled by these unscrupulous politicians, only interested in themselves and their family’s future.

Every election cycle, these politicians peddle vicious lies and resort to name-calling to get you to vote for them. As the poorest group of residents in Pennsylvania painting, their political opponents as your enemies.

As the Tuesday, November 8, 2022, mid-term gubernatorial elections approach, Democrat Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman and Republican Doug Mastriano and Senate hopeful Mehmet Oz have made inroads into the Latino community.

Mastriano met with Latino clergy at a hall on Erie Avenue in Philadelphia, where a group of Latino leaders picketed him, and Shapiro and Fetterman have visited with Latino leaders on some occasions but not enough.

Former President of Philadelphia’s Common Pleas Court, Judge Nelson Diaz, echoed what many Latino voters always complain about in saying, «We are continually used by the political process.» Beyond the equitable delivery of municipal, state, and federal services, their issues of education, economic independence, housing, homicides, civil rights, political representation at the table where decisions are made, healthcare and a lack of sensitivity by those in the private and public sectors.

In gubernatorial and United States Senate races that are bound to be close, Latinos in Pennsylvania can be the deciding vote; like in the 1999 Philadelphia Mayoral race.


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