Demonstrators march west towards the UC Townhomes during a pro-Palestinians rally in Philadelphia, Sunday, Dec. 3, 2023. (Photo: AP/Elizabeth Robertson/The Philadelphia Inquirer)

The devastating events of October 7, 2023, and subsequent acts of terror by Hamas in Israel have marked a dark chapter in modern history. Their actions, many of which have been captured on video, represent a shocking violation of human rights and dignity. The assault, rape, and murder of innocent individuals including babies, children, women, men, and the elderly, along with the abduction of Holocaust survivors and the barbaric killing of over a thousand Israelis are acts of unspeakable horror. There should be no room for such atrocities in our society.

The silence of much of the world in the face of these atrocities is deeply troubling. The failure to universally condemn such acts not only undermines the global fight against terrorism and violence but also betrays the victims of these heinous crimes.

The Bible reminds us, «Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God» (Matthew 5:9). As peacemakers, we must raise our voices against such acts of violence and terror.

This situation especially calls for a united stand against such evil. The threat issued by Iran and Hamas, that include commitments to the genocide of Jews, is a grave concern that demands global attention and action. The history of the Jewish people, marked by persecution and suffering, particularly during the Holocaust, should remind us of all the catastrophic consequences of unchecked hatred and violence.

In Philadelphia, pro-Palestinian groups have reportedly accused Jewish-owned businesses of genocide, actions recognized by the White House and Governor Shapiro as antisemitic. This hateful rhetoric serves as a painful reminder that the fight against antisemitism and terrorism is far from over.

Our history as Latine people has been marked by struggles against oppression and the fight for dignity and respect. We understand the pain of being misunderstood and misrepresented. We have experienced this in our past and may experience this in the future. Yet, we have always been resilient.

Taking a unified stand against hate of any kind should not come as a surprise to anyone.

The suffering inflicted by such conflicts is universal — affecting Palestinian and Israeli families alike. The yearning for peace, harmony, and prosperity is a common thread that binds all people. Our voices, united in faith and compassion, can help pave the way for a future where love overcomes hate and peace triumphs over violence. This vision of peace and reconciliation is what we must strive for — a world where violence is replaced with understanding and hatred with unity. In that vein, the constant bombing of Gaza raises concerns and a deep desire for the recognition of the need of a two-state solution by both sides, an end to genocide, and cultural/religious hate.


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